AC Sounds in Newtown, PA

What’s That Sound Coming From My AC in Newtown, PA?

July 14, 2023

Under normal operation, your air conditioner in Newtown, PA would make a consistent, low hum. However, any loud or strange noises from your AC could indicate a problem with the system. Here are common sounds you may hear from your AC and what they could mean.

Rattling Sound

A rattling sound occurs from loose or worn-out parts inside the air conditioner. It could also indicate a broken fan blade or blower wheel, compressor issues, loose panels, and other component problems. Regular maintenance can prevent this issue by identifying any loose parts before they cause a bigger problem.

Hissing Sound

A hissing sound can indicate a small hole or crack in the refrigerant line, causing the leak. Since the refrigerant is under high pressure inside the closed system, it will escape through the hole and create a hissing sound. Refrigerant is essential for cooling your home, and any leakage can cause major damage to the AC system and reduce indoor air quality.

Squealing Sound

Squeals transmitted from the AC’s blower motor result from loose belts and air pressure problems. A poorly adjusted belt can cause metal-on-metal contact, creating loud squeals when the AC starts and stops. Sometimes, a squealing sound could also indicate that the bearings in the blower motor need lubrication.

Clicking Sound

It may be normal to hear a click from your AC when it starts or stops, but a loud click could mean that the electrical components in your system need repair or replacement. It could also indicate a problem with the capacitor, an AC component that stores energy and helps it start. When the capacitor is faulty, your AC will struggle to start up, making a loud clicking sound.

Do not ignore loud or unusual noises from your air conditioner. Contact Service First Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule maintenance of your system and determine the source of the problem. We can help you fix any underlying issues so that your AC runs efficiently and your family stays comfortable.

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