Packaged HVAC Systems in Bensalem, PA

4 Benefits Provided by Packaged HVAC Systems in Bensalem, PA

May 29, 2024

Packaged HVAC systems have a single outdoor unit that houses both the heater and air conditioner. That means you don’t have to sacrifice a closet or corner of the basement to accommodate them. Here are four major reasons to use these systems in Bensalem, PA.

1. Ease of Installation and Maintenance

Packaged HVAC systems take less time to install than multi-unit systems. This is because they are less complex and have less margin for error.

Since packaged systems have all the components in one cabinet, it is easier for a technician to access them during maintenance. You can have the system next to your building or on the rooftop instead of in a cramped closet. The technician will have ample space to inspect all the parts, and it can take less time.

2. Space Saving

Packaged HVAC systems are ideal for properties that have limited indoor space. With other systems, you have to provide space inside the home where the technician will set up the system. The technician will install your packaged system outside your house.

3. Less Indoor Noise

HVAC systems produce some noise in normal operation, and this can be a distraction. With packaged systems, you can minimize the amount of noise inside your home by having the technician install it away from the rooms you regularly use.

4. Versatility

Most HVAC systems rely on one power source to operate. With a packaged system, you have a variety to choose from, depending on your needs and the power or fuel available at your home.

Contact our team at Service First Heating & Air Conditioning when you’re ready to install a packaged HVAC system in your Bensalem, PA home.

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