AC Compressor Problems in Newtown, PA

3 Issues That Cause AC Compressor Problems in Newtown, PA

June 5, 2024

Your air conditioner’s compressor puts refrigerant into a hot, high-pressure state, which allows it to condense and your AC to then begin a cooling cycle. As a homeowner in Newtown, PA, you need to know when your cooling system’s compressors have malfunctioned so that you can take the appropriate steps to fix them. Here are three issues that could potentially cause AC compressor problems.

1. Refrigerant Leaks

A refrigerant leak will cause a general decline in all aspects of your air conditioner’s performance. If your AC loses some of its refrigerant, the rate at which it can generate cool air will fall. The immediate consequence of this is that, in an effort to restore the previous level of performance, your thermostat will force your system to work harder and consume more energy.

Once your AC begins working in overdrive and eating up more power, it increases the risk that the compressor will overheat and fail. To prevent things from reaching this point, request maintenance services from a trained HVAC technician. The technician will replace your AC’s refrigerant and help you prevent future leaks.

2. Dirty Coils

Over time, dirt and grime will probably build up on your AC’s condenser coils. Debris on your coils will make it more difficult for your AC to expel unwanted warmth, which may cause overheating. The resulting low performance may again cause your compressor to draw in more power, which can damage and overheat it.

3. Dirty Filters

Dirty filters can create much the same overheating effect by blocking airflow. Check your filters every month, and clean or replace them at least once every three months.

An AC with a faulty compressor won’t be able to do its job. Don’t get stuck without air conditioning in the summer heat of Newtown, PA. Call Service First Heating & Air Conditioning and schedule AC repair services today.

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