Heat Pump in Yardley, PA

Why Won’t My Heat Pump Stay On in Yardley, PA?

January 16, 2023

A heat pump that does not stay on cannot regulate temperatures efficiently. Short cycling also increases your heat pump’s energy consumption and wear and tear. Below, we will help you understand the reasons for a heat pump short cycling in Yardley, PA.

You Have an Oversized Heat Pump

Usually, HVAC professionals categorize a heat pump as oversized if its temperature regulation capabilities exceed your home’s temperature requirements. An oversized heat pump turns on, heats, or cools your home quickly and shuts down. Your home will have uneven temperatures and increased repairs if your system keeps short cycling.

To enjoy more indoor comfort, consider replacing the system with a unit that matches your home’s temperature regulation needs. Ensure you engage a professional technician to calculate your home’s heating load and determine the appropriately sized unit for your home. Usually, they will use an industry-standard formula for their calculations.

You Have a Clogged Air Filter

If you don’t replace your air filter routinely, contaminants tend to accumulate on it and restrict proper airflow. The reduced airflow makes your heat pump shut off prematurely. Always ensure you change your air filter monthly or once every two months.

Filters can become clogged quickly, especially when you have pets. Other factors include smoking in the home, burning candles, or running a fireplace.

Your Thermostat Has Issues

Your thermostat reads the indoor temperatures and prompts the heat pump to regulate the temperatures to your preferred level. If you install the device in areas with different temperatures from the rest of your home, the device may give incorrect instructions to the heat pump causing the system to turn on and off multiple times. These areas include near doors, windows, and heat-generating appliances.

Also, if the wires connecting your thermostat and heat pump have damage, communication may not occur efficiently. It may cause your heat pump to short cycle.

Our technicians can fix the problem causing your heat pump to short cycle in the shortest time possible. Contact Service First Heating & Air Conditioning for exceptional heating services.

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