Heat Pump Repairs in Yardley, PA

Why is Cool Air Coming from My Heat Pump in Heating Mode in Yardley, PA?

December 9, 2021

The theory underlying modern heat pumps was first described by Lord Kelvin in 1852. Luckily, Yardley, PA residents don’t have to be royal physicists to get a handle on heat pump problems. While it can sometimes be tricky to tell in the winter if your heat pump is blowing cold air while in heating mode, there could be an underlying problem that requires HVAC expertise.

Is Your Mind Playing Tricks on You?

It may surprise you to discover that it’s not uncommon for the air coming from a heat pump to feel cool relative to other kinds of heating systems. If you’re just noticing this now but are living comfortably with your heating system, there probably isn’t anything wrong.

However, if you’ve been shivering since October or November, it’s time to check things out. You can use an infrared thermometer on the heat pump vents to know for sure. Additionally, if your home thermostat is not rising when the heat’s on, then there’s likely an issue that needs professional attention.

Quick Fixes

Sometimes dirty air filters can cause your unit to put out cold air. Turn your unit off and replace your filters if they’re dirty.

Another easy-to-fix problem involves your thermostat settings. Depending on your unit, you may have to turn your settings to “AUTO” instead of “ON.”

When in “ON” mode, the unit’s fan stays on even when no heat is being produced. This can cause cold-feeling air to come out of your vents.

Repairs or Maintenance Service Needed

If none of the above seems to be the problem, it’s time for a service call. When your heat pump is blowing cold air in heating mode, it could be a failing reversing valve or a number of other issues. Luckily for Yardley, PA, residents, and anyone in our greater service area, we’ve got the expertise to quickly diagnose and repair most heat pump issues.

We’re Here to Serve Yardley, PA and the Surrounding Areas

If there’s an issue with your heat pump, Service First Heating & Air Conditioning offers expert heat pump repair and replacement services. We’re easy to contact, quick to get to work, and straightforward with our pricing.

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