Tankless Water Heaters in Newton, PA

Why Are Tankless Water Heaters So Popular in Newtown, PA?

January 2, 2024

Hot water allows you to perform all sorts of tasks in your Newtown, PA home. However, over time, many have shown that they prefer tankless water heaters to traditional ones with gigantic storage tanks. Here are a few reasons why tankless water heaters are gradually becoming more popular.

Longer Lifespan

First, tankless water heaters can last longer than their tanked counterparts. Standard water heaters with storage tanks typically have service lives of anywhere between eight and 12 years, with 10 being about the average. Tankless water heaters, on the other hand, can last anywhere from 15 to 20 years.

With such a significant difference, you’ll save quite a bit on installation costs over the long run. You can maximize those savings if you invite trained professionals to check your heater’s valves and perform tune-ups at least once per year.

Practically Endless Hot Water

A tanked water heater can only heat the water that it currently happens to have in storage. Though larger tanks do exist, a medium-sized tank has a capacity of about 80 gallons. Once the water in the tank runs out, you’ll have to wait and refill the tank before you can enjoy any more hot water.

Tankless heaters, by contrast, heat water as it moves through their plumbing fixtures. Depending on the heater, it can draw power from either electricity or natural gas to generate the heat it needs, but as long as it has power, it can heat up as much water as you want to send through it.

Saving Room

Lastly, standard water heater tanks are often massive and take up quite a bit of room. Tankless heaters are much more compact. Because of their smaller size, you’ll have more options about where to install tankless heaters in your home.

There are many powerful advantages that tankless water heaters have over the standard alternative. Make the upgrade and enjoy more hot water in Newtown, PA. Call Service First Heating & Air Conditioning and ask for our water heater services today.

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