reversing valve in Newtown, PA

Signs Your Heat Pump’s Reversing Valve Isn’t Working Properly

April 9, 2021

With the flip of a switch, heat pumps allow you to go from refreshing air conditioning to cozy, efficient heating. This innovative approach to climate control is made possible thanks to an inconspicuous component called a reversing valve. Reversing valves rarely malfunction, but when they do, they can create all sorts of problems for your Newtown, PA home’s HVAC system.

Inability to Switch Between Modes

The ability to seamlessly toggle between heating and cooling is among the best perks of owning a heat pump. If your system seems to have trouble switching between modes, it’s likely your reversing valve is stuck or malfunctioning. In some cases, lightly tapping on the body of the valve can free it up when it’s stuck. More often, however, the problem is physical damage or a mechanical failure that requires replacement.

Diminished Heating and Cooling Performance

Have you noticed you’re feeling less comfortable lately? Does your heat pump seem less powerful than you remember? Poor climate control can have a number of causes, but a faulty reversing switch is a top suspect. When your reversing switch isn’t working properly, your system may be less effective at transporting heat to or from your home. One way to avoid this issue is to make sure you’re scheduling biannual maintenance visits to keep your heat pump running strong.

Unexpectedly High Utility Bills

Under normal circumstances, heat pumps can save hundreds of dollars per year in energy costs compared to other heating systems. If you aren’t seeing the savings you expect, it could be due to a faulty reversing valve. A malfunctioning reversing valve can disrupt your entire system, severely hampering its efficiency and costing you a lot of money.

Ultimately, a failing reversing valve is one of the trickiest heat pump problems to diagnose. If you’ve noticed any signs of trouble, call Service First Heating & Air Conditioning for expert diagnostics and heat pump repairs.

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