Heat Pump in Newtown, PA

Is Your Heat Pump Crying Out for Help in Newtown, PA?

March 12, 2024

Some heat pump noises, like noticeable whooshing or faint tapping, are completely normal. However, when your system begins to emit new, loud sounds, it may be struggling. The following warning sounds often point to heat pump trouble in Newtown, PA.

Metallic Banging

If you hear what sounds like metal hitting metal, it likely has something to do with the heat pump’s fan. An important part of the system may have come loose and is now in the way of the blades. It could also be outside debris like a rock or piece of ice.

When you hear this noise, it’s best to turn off your system to prevent damage to the blades. If you can’t see the issue when examining the outdoor unit, call in a professional for heat pump repairs.


A heat pump’s refrigerant line is vital to the system’s heating and cooling efficiency. When this line runs low on refrigerant due to a leak, it can create a noticeable gurgling sound.


Excessive rattling may point to a loose part that needs tightening. If this happens right after installation, consider asking your HVAC professional about dampening rubber mats to minimize the noise. Make sure not to confuse rattling with buzzing sounds, which typically indicate a problem with the system’s evaporator coils.


Like traditional HVAC systems, heat pumps have a motor to help them redistribute heat. The bearings attached to this motor enable it to spin without friction. Unfortunately, if the bearings malfunction or lose lubrication, they can begin to loudly grind.

Heat pumps are a great way to provide your home with year-round, efficient temperature control. Learning more about your HVAC system’s potential red flags can let you know when it’s best to call for professional help. Contact Service First Heating & Air Conditioning for detail-oriented heat pump care in Newtown, PA today.

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