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Is It Time to Replace My Furnace in Newtown, PA?

February 28, 2022

With the harsh weather that’s hit Newtown, PA this winter, your furnace has been running overtime to keep you warm at home. Here we discuss some warning signs that could indicate that you’ll need to replace your furnace soon.

Rising Heating Bills

A furnace running in an inefficient manner will use more fuel to heat your home. Energy bills that seem to tick upwards each month are a reason to give us a call. You may need a furnace repair or even a replacement in order to lower your heating bills.

Strange New Noises

It’s normal for a furnace to make a small amount of noise while running, but if you hear any new noises, take note. Structural abnormalities and parts wearing down are both causes of noisy furnace operation. In particular, banging, grinding, and screeching are all noises to look out for.

Visible Aging or Rust

Rust is a sure sign that your furnace needs replacing. Though this occurs in small amounts as your furnace ages, large amounts may signal a crack or leak in your HVAC system.

Hot and Cold Spots

Uneven heating throughout your home is a great reason to purchase a new furnace. If certain rooms or areas in your home are hotter or colder than the rest, your furnace may be having trouble keeping up with your heating demands.

Frequent Repairs

All furnaces break down or show signs of error from time to time. If you’ve called for furnace repairs more often than once in addition to your annual maintenance session, it’s time to consider a replacement. With a more efficient model lowering monthly bills and minimal repairs to budget for, your wallet will be a lot fuller.

No one wants to spend their winters cooped up in a freezing cold house. If 0you need a new furnace, give us a call at Service First Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule an appointment.

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