Poor Air Quality in Richboro, PA

5 Signs Your Home Has Poor Air Quality in Richboro, PA

December 20, 2022

You may not be able to see your poor air quality, but you and your family can feel it. If your breathing air is full of pollutants, you may be at higher risk of allergy symptoms and general discomfort. Here are five of the most common signs of poor indoor air quality in Richboro, PA.

Unexplained Cold Symptoms

Watch for unexplained coughing, sneezing, fatigue, nausea, and dizziness. These symptoms are often associated with seasonal colds or allergies. However, if your poor air quality is the culprit, you’ll likely continue to feel uncomfortable for days if not weeks.

Dry, Irritated Skin

Airborne contaminants attack the most vulnerable parts of your body like the mucus membranes in your eyes, ears, and nose. Pollutants can also irritate your skin, causing dryness, flakiness, rashes, and redness.

Hot and Cold Spots

Your home struggles with hot and cold spots when air isn’t being efficiently circulated. Excessive contaminants will block up your ductwork and vents over time. A full HVAC filter will also impede airflow into your furnace, making your system more susceptible to damage that needs immediate repairs.

Rapid Dust Buildup

Poor air quality often manifests as more visible dust around the home. You may see more debris on your tables, blinds, and fan blades. Pet hair and dirt will accumulate in the corners of your living spaces.

Persistent Unpleasant Odors

If the air in your home is stagnant, it may emit an unpleasant odor. There may even be organic growth in your ductwork or HVAC system due to the excessive dander, dust, and pollen.

Your home’s poor air quality could be causing a host of issues from worsened allergy symptoms to temperature inconsistencies. Contact Service First Heating & Air Conditioning for exceptional, customer-oriented indoor air quality services you can count on in Richboro, PA.

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